Our Services

Providing Excellent Services in the Hospitality Business

Airline Ticketing:

We offer Airline ticketing to major international and domestic airlines at a cheaper rate. We are also equipped to handle emergency and last minute booking round the clock.

Airport Protocol Services:

We have partners in major airport to welcome and guide you upon arrival. Our courteous staff will always make you feel at home anywhere around the world.

Hotel Reservation/ Car Hire Services:

We are well positioned to book any Hotel of your choice anywhere in the world at the lowest price. Also we have partners all around the globe to provide car hire services at a discounted rate.

Procurement of Consular Papers:

We give advisory guides on the procurement of visas to all countries in the world, with detailed information about your destination.

Tour and Retreat Planning:

We organize corporate/business tour, student excursion, vacation tour, health tour etc.